All-Inclusive WordPress Development | WordPress Supercharged
At WordPress Unit, we have confidence in every product we produce.  We come out with the best of the best websites.  We handcraft each website to be visually appealing and easily navigated.  Our designing process, goes through many different eyes to make sure we’re at the top of our game.  The WordPress Unit team is passionate about what they do.  They go the extra mile to perfect each project that comes through the door.
The website design package is more than just a semi-spruced up WordPress page.  It makes your website stand out in comparison to others.  The website design will cater to your exact needs to make it appealing to your target market.  It will provide the visitors with an engaging online experience.
WordPress Customization
What’s Included in Our Web Design Packages?
The team at WordPress Unit will go above and beyond just creating a new theme.  The web design packages include a unique WordPress theme, adding in plugins, personalize search engine optimization (SEO), social media incorporation, blogs, contact forms and even an e-commerce store if needed.
Even once the website is live, we will still work on it and tweak little details as needed.
WordPress icons screen
Deliverable for Premium WordPress Supersite Package
  • Latest WordPress Installation
  • Fully customize WordPress Theme
  • Total of 3 different mock and up to 5 times revisions
  • Including 5 custom design templates
  • Up to 75 pages
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video/Audio Gallery
  • Blog integration
  • Hosting setup
  • Smart Widget
  • Social media integration
  • Contact Form with database solution
  • 100% Responsive design
  • One hour website training
  • Customize up to 3 admin profiles
  • Google Analytic setup
  • Cross browsers testing
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Customize favicon design
  • Old website backup service
  • Legacy system migration
  • Website XML sitemap setup
  • Cache Optimization
  • Paypal/ gateway connection
  • 3rd party email campaign integration
  • Custom traffic report
  • Website images optimized for speed
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