WordPress Basics

October 23, 2013
by WordPress Unit

WordPress is a user friendly tool to build a company website.  It’s fairly easy to use, but there are just a few things you need to understand before you dive-in.

First, the Dashboard is the main screen when you open your WordPress editing page.  This is where you can find all of your basic information about the website.  It shows the most recent updates and comments to the site, as well as how many posts, pages and categories your website has.  It’s the perfect place to get an overview of the website.

Second, there are posts and pages on the left-side bar.  Both contain content, but there’s a difference in between pages and posts that some may get confused about.  Pages don’t move locations.  They stay exactly where they have been placed.  Posts however, move locations depending on when one was written.  Your first post will be located at the bottom of your page.  It will keep moving down with every post you publish.

Another feature of the WordPress website is plugins.  Plugins are tools that extend the functionality of the website.  There are tons to choose from, and they can help you with just about anything from spam to thank you emails.  You can mix and match them to suit your company’s needs.

The next item is users.  When you click on this button, it lists all the users and subscribers of the website. The users are the ones that control the websites updates and edits.  There can be one person who controls the entire website or multiple people.  If there are multiple people controlling the website, there are different roles a user can have, and it will limit editing access based on the user’s permission.

Lastly, there are comments.  With this tool, the users can control what comments actually appear on the website.  By knowing what is being said, you can eliminate all the spam and inappropriate comments.

WordPress is a great tool to use because it is so easy to navigate through.  These components are the basis of WordPress and can help make your website as unique as possible.


WordPress Unit is a Chicago WordPress website design agency that specializes in WordPress web design, custom WordPress themes, PSD to WordPress. You can find it on Google+.

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