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We believe the websites should be built to delight not just the visitors but also its owners. It should be an online platform that inspires visitors to take actions and reduces burden for webmasters, because everything is built so intuitively. That’s why we have chosen WordPress as our web development foundation. WordPress has the most flexible Open Source Content Management System (CMS) when it comes to implementation, yet it has an easy to use interface for website administrators to update and maintain.

Fast forward to today, we have all become WordPress fanatics and design enthusiasts. Here at the Chicago office of WordPress Unit, we not only take advantage of the WordPress platform, but also help shape its existence by contributing to the source codes.

We have seen the WordPress CMS develop through the years; we know its strengths and weaknesses. If your business is currently running on WordPress or considering switching to WordPress, we are the right team for you. If you need anything else, sorry, WordPress is all we do.

Our Partnership and Extention

As much as we love building awesome sites, we recognize to run a successful campaign you will need more than just the best website. That is we have partners that are good at other components to make your business look awesome! Don’t get us wrong, we are so focused on WordPress, we are like a samurai.  WordPress is all we do, but we partner with a video producer, a social media agency, an advertising agency, a marketing agency, and print shops to give you access to a pool of talents. We just love working with other experts to make sure your entire campaign running smoothly.

The WordPress Unit Guarantee

The reasons why we can guarantee your satisfaction is because of the in-depth knowledge in our field.  We are so confident that you will love the site we build for you, we offer a 100% guarantee! Our guarantee doesn’t stop there:

  1. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  2. Entire Bug-free guarantee
  3. Latest WordPress version guarantee
  4. Best WordPress security practice  guarantee
  5. Compatible on all major browsers guarantee (Mac and PC)
  6. Compatible on all major smartphone OS guarantee (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry)
  7. Easy to use admin panel with user manual
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